Single Review - Stimuli - "Ripple"

Stimuli mixes classic and modern metal on their single "Ripple".
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California's Bay Area has long been a source of some of the best hard rock and heavy metal produced. The latest of these bands is Stimuli, a power trio consisting of Jimmy Tomahawk on guitar and vocals, Cole Andrew on drums and Tai Hake on bass and Theremin. Stimuli's sound is at once familiar - the group has been compared to the likes of Black Sabbath, Tool, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains - and modern, mixing palm-muted riffs and big guitar solos with dropped tunings.

On their single, "Ripple," Tomahawk delivers an Ozzy Osbourne-like vocal over a chunky rhythm. The song's big, heavy chorus fits right in with modern rock radio, while Tomahawk's fiery lead guitar playing (something woefully missing from a lot of modern music in general) is a throwback to the glory years of hard rock and metal. The song's video blends trippy imagery with performance footage of the band and shows the three guys in Stimuli making a big sound usually not seen with power trios. Worth a listen.