Single Review: Cosmopolis - "Sécheresse"

Cosmopolis drops a strong new single.
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Cosmopolis, a new band with members hailing from Brisbane, Australia; Brussels, Belgium; and Canterbury, England; have released a strong set of new tracks -- "Sécheresse" and "God Hotel."

The tracks are modern sounding, with elements that would make fans of Radiohead, David Bowie, and even U2 happy, but not derivative. The group has channeled these influences into something new and exciting. 

"Sécheresse" mixes ominous keyboards with an edgy, monotonous vocal. The song gives a real sense of paranoia with a bit of a Bowie vibe in the vocals. The guitars swell, giving way to a spacey sound with potent drums. On "God Hotel," the band goes for a more straight-ahead vibe, mixing distorted guitars over a throbbing, incessant bass line.

The songs are the second in a series of releases planned for this year and next and the band plans on some live shows next year as well. The group may be new, but they sound as if they have played together for years, even though the songs were recorded remotely and mixed in a cloud setting. Worth a listen.