Single Review: Oneo Fakind - "The Coniologist"

Oneo Fakind offer a potent new single and video with "The Coniologist".
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New from Toronto electronic duo Oneo Fakind is "The Coniologist," the lead single and video from their new album, The Start of Something. The track starts out with an ominous spoken word interlude, which is soon interrupted by booming bass sounds and melodic keyboards. Building in intensity throughout, the song features lush keyboard swells against more dissonant, almost video game sounding noises and what seems like a trace of steel drums hidden in the background. As quickly as it begins, the song ends with some eerie single piano notes.

The song's video is equally intense, opening with space scenes and trippy images. Crowds of people and flashing lights build in intensity to match the track with a cartoon image of the duo appearing at various points in the video. Both the song and video are ambitious, both musically and visually, and offer an excellent preview of the group's new album.