Single Review: Patrick Ames - "Reawakened 2020"

Patrick Ames reworks his political track "Reawakened" for the times.
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Patrick Ames wrote his gospel-infused political track, "Reawakened," after President Trump's inauguration in 2017. Needless to say, he was not happy about the results of the previous year's election. Now, in 2020, the song has taken on new meaning. It It is an election year, but with the Covid outbreak and all the protests and unrest around the country, Ames thought it could use a reworking.

Ames had been recording versions of his songs for a best-of collection, but felt a solo acoustic version would not suit "Reawakened." He enlisted Jon Ireson, who remixed the track -- keeping the original elements and adding some new instruments. The result is "Reawakened 2020," an edgier version better suited for these tumultuous times. The song has a strong groove, and potent backing vocals from the mother-daughter team of Mikaila and Chana Matthews to match Ames' own empassioned lead vocal while the video juxtaposes scenes of current events with a row of cardboard cutouts of all the former presidents and includes the song's lyrics on the screen.