Single Review: Patrick Ames - "You Make Me Scream"

Patrick Ames finds his groove on his danceable new single.
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Patrick Ames had spent the past year writing about serious issues, politics, and the state of the country. That, combined with pandemic, understandably got him down. His solution was to use his music for less serious pursuits -- in short, he wanted to dance, and his latest single, "You Make Me Scream," is certainly conducive to that.

Beginning with a descending organ and bass lick that sounds like a bomb dropping, the song moves into a slinky, Stones-inspired riff with a funky bass line from producer Jon Ireson, who also played lead guitar on the track. Ames gives a gritty vocal and, while there aren't many lyrics, they are clever. Ames sings, "You make me scream, so tenderly," two sentiments that seem diametrically opposed to each other, yet they work here. Add in some soulful backing vocals from Chana and Mikaela Matthews, and Ames has crafted a fun recipe to get through the doldrums of 2020.