Single Review: Saint Mars - Loveghost

Saint Mars offers a surrealistic look at life and love with "Loveghost".
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Saint Mars released their debut EP in 2017 to much fanfare. Now the group, which is based in the UK and Switzerland and includes several notable musicians such as Angelo Bruschini from Massive Attack, has a new single, "Loveghost". The song is from their forthcoming LP Boys Never Cry, a concept album about bullying that features 14-year-old Internet sensation Tryzdin Grubbs on vocals on most of the tracks.

The song is a trippy dance number, with rapped verses courtesy of Jethro "Alonestar" Sheeran (cousin of Ed) and a powerful, sung chorus from Grubbs, whose voice sounds much more mature than his age. There are elements of rock and electronic music and dreamy keyboards all over a driving dance beat. The video is equally bold, with monsters, men in straightjackets, mad scientists and a man in a pig mask for good measure. The melodic choruses contrast nicely with the rapped verses and soften some of the songs darker lyrical moments. This is a strong track.