BlindedBySound Exclusive: Hear Tommy Keene Premiere New Song "Dear Heloise"

"Dear Heloise," the latest single from Tommy Keene, is a jangly power pop gem.
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"Dear Heloise," the first single from veteran rocker Tommy Keene's new album, Laugh In The Dark (album due out September 4), is two minutes and 14 seconds of power pop bliss. Keene channels his inner Robin Zander over jangly guitars and an instantly infectious melody. There are elements of The Beatles and latter-day Cheap Trick in this well-crafted tune. The song is poppy, but with an edge, a fact the singer attributes to its not one, but two bridges.

Keene said of the song, "'Dear Heloise' is a fictional ditty about a chanteuse from where else but Baltimore as an infamous locale. I'm particularly proud of this one as it has not one but two different bridges! The main body of the song is pretty poppy so I rocked up both bridges to try and give it a bit more of an edge."

The song is a great opening salvo for Keene's new release. Hear it for yourself here: 

Photo credit: Mariela T. Huerta