Scotty McCreery Debuts Video For "I Love You This Big"

Season 10 winner issues new video in advance of new album...
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Scotty McCreeryAt long last! American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery has released a video for his post-Idol single “I Love You This Big” on CMT and no surprise to anyone it’s currently the #1 video of the day.

Lauren Alaina released hers a day prior and like the itunes charts, they’re #1 and #2. These two do everything in tandem; finals together, singles released at same time, videos out a day apart with the same result – Scotty for the win.

Scotty’s been busy making his new album (release date not yet confirmed), touring as part of the American Idol Summer Tour, making dozens of appearances, performing at music festivals and in the midst of all that he made this little video for all y’all.  

The video is your typical young country male fare. We have a teenage boy sitting on a stage, setting up with the band with the pretty young people arriving. He’s singing about his love, people are laughing, the sun sets just in time for the last stanza and there are even very climactic fireworks.

I already reviewed this song right after it was released and said all I have to say about it. However, I will say it sounds bigger and fuller somehow set behind the party scene. It’s a very standard “seen it a million times” video idea but it’s appropriate for his age and style: All-American, kind of corny, and so sweet it makes me gag a little.

I see Scotty having a career like Bryan White or Clay Walker did, they were sweet, Christian, good ole’ boys who sang of good times with their buddies and loving their current girl “this big.” I look forward to his album and you know we’ll review it the second it’s released.