Soundgarden's 'Comeback' Single "Live To Rise" Dies On Its Feet

An inauspicious return on their first new song in 15 years...
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Soundgarden - Live To Rise - Review -  - Marvel - Free iTunes DownloadWe told you Soundgarden is offering up their new song single free via iTunes Music Store for a limited time only. My advice, Soundgarden fans? Get it at this price point while you can because it's not worth the $1.29 iTunes will later charge.

I take no great pleasure in saying this because I love Soundgarden and was genuinely excited about new music from them; I would have paid the $1.29 to hear their first new song in 15 years. I got it free and I want my money back, kids. It's not that the song is bad- okay, it's not just that the song is bad: it's fucking boring.

In a recent interview about "Live To Rise," Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil said it's something they come up with separate from the new Soundgarden album they're working on and that they built this one separately. I hope they didn't spend any more than 15 minutes coming up with this one because separate or not, if this is indicative of the thought process and writing going on for the upcoming record, we're all going to be very disappointed.

Okay, so you get the idea. I don't like it. Allow me to be more specific.

"Live To Rise" opens with an interesting enough riff reminiscent of our old Soundgarden even if it doesn't hit quite as hard as we remember. You hope maybe this will be its launching point but as you hope for a launch, the band instead pulls back and we're left with a tepid piece of vapid navel gazing.

This is a song for a superhero popcorn movie and we get sensitive Chris Cornell the crooner with a little Kim Thayil noodling, not the bludgenoning riff, off-kilter rhythms, and wailing fury that made Soundgarden great.

This is Soundgarden at their boring safest. They didn't deliver a pounding, explosive rocker nor did they strip down and do something acoustic and simple. This is the middle ground with lyrics that make us think about Toby Maguire whining about the burdens of being Spiderman or Brad Pitt crying because he didn't want to suck blood. It's watered-down filler from a band with higher standards than that. I expect the movie to suck; I don't expect Soundgarden to follow suit.

Maybe this is a one-off throwaway the band gave to get some publicity for the planned fall release of their first new album since reuniting. Then again, the lads are a little older. Bands change, they evolve. I'm not saying this is indicative of the direction they're heading, but if it is they can count me out with thanks for the great work they did the first time around. Nothing lasts forever. Maybe they should have stayed down rather than trying to "Live To Rise."