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Its musical confession time. Outside of London Calling I don't know The Clash at all. I hadn't even listened to London Calling until a few years ago. The thing is I love that album, it has become one of my all-time favorite rock records of all time. Yet for some reason I've never bothered with the rest of their catalog. There is no reasoning for that. Its similar to why I never listened to London Calling until relatively recently - I just hadn't. I expect the other albums to be good, I expect I'll enjoy them very much, yet I

Mark Knopfler To Release Double Album 'Privateering' in September

Former Dire Straits frontman to issue a 2-CD set for 7th solo album...
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Mark Knopfler will follow up his critically acclaimed Get Lucky with a 2-CD set entitled Privateering on September 3, according to his web site. The complete tracklisting and artwork have been revealed for the set but further details -- first single, tour dates, album producer, and contributors -- have not yet been announced. He may always be most famous for "Sultans Of Swing" and "Money For Nothing" from his Dire Straits days but a bulk of Knopfler's best work has come after he disbanded Straits and gone out on his own. His collaboration with Emmylou Harris, All The Roadrunning,

CD Review: Chris Barber - Memories Of My Trip

A 2-CD retrospective aimed at introducing the British bandleader to an American audience.
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British bandleader, trombonist and bassist, Chris Barber is a legend on that side of the pond. Since the 1950s, he’s been a prominent name on the jazz scene, as well as a well-known blues and gospel player. He’s played alongside many of the greats and was a founding director of the legendary Marquee Club, but he’s not that well known in America. Chris Barber – Memories Of My Trip intends to rectify that. A two-CD anthology, Memories covers Barber’s impressive 60-year career. The discs are arranged thematically, with disc one covering blues, jazz and gospel while disc two focuses on

A Preview Review: 'Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International'

Thinking about 72 Bob Dylan covers and what to expect from them...
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Put this on the list of things I meant to bring up a month ago when I first learned of it. There's a new compilation out today called Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International. As the title implies, this is a collection of Bob Dylan songs honoring and benefitting Amnesty. It's a 4-CD collection with 73 songs, 72 of them covers of Dylan songs by other artists with the 73rd and final song being Dylan performing the collection's title track. Bro. Mat Brewster unveiled a brand new series devoted to covers and

Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins - "I'll See You In My Dreams" & "Imagine"

Underrated guitar heroes strut their stuff.
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Guitar heroes. We love them. We praise them. We make lists about them. We want to be them. We even create games based upon them. Rock and Roll is often all about the guitar. Often the ones we idolize, that garner the most praise are those who play the loudest or the fastest, the ones who make the biggest flash. Unfortunately, those guys aren't always the best. I like players who aren't as flashy. Those who know how to play, and play it well, but that don't have to be on the front of the magazine cover, who don't always

Bootleg Nation: Mark Knopfler - Rare Sessions

Mark Knopfler fans put together a five disked set of alt-tracks, live cuts and rarities to mixed results.
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Download MP3@320kps:  Part 1, Part II, Part III, Part IV Thus far in the Bootleg Nation I have presented complete recordings of single concerts.  These type shows make up the vast majority of my bootleg collection, and in fact of all the bootlegs that exist in the world. But today I want to talk a bit about another type of bootleg, what you can loosely categorize as demos, alternate tracks, and rarities.  Musicians often go into the recording studio with only loose ideas on the songs they want to record for an album.  They will generally record everything they

Review: Mark Knopfler - Get Lucky

A master craftsman produces his best effort yet...
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We have a surprise contender entering the Album of the Year competition for 2009. Welcome again to the Big Boy Table™, Mark Knopfler. I don't know why it should be a surprise – least of all to me – but "surprise" is just one of many superlatives to heap upon Get Lucky. What makes it such a surprise? It's not like he drastically altered his sound, continuing to mine familiar sonic ground with folk, Celtic, blues, country, and Americana elements quilted together to form the recognizable tapestry of a Mark Knopfler record. What makes this stand out is the way