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Nick Moss Releases 'Time Ain't Free,' Official Video "Fare Thee Well"

'Time Ain't Free' gets its official release and the band has issued a video for "Fare Thee Well"
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New Music Tuesday has been a sacred holiday in my life for as long as I can remember. Every week can be Christmas. Fuck waiting for December 25! New Music Tuesday has eroded ever so slightly as THE day new releases hit stores as we enter into an era where crowdsourcing and pre-ordering can put music in the hands of fans ahead of the official street date. It's a little sad to see the tradition wane but when you're talking about music, the right time is always now. Nick Moss' Time Ain't Free has been available to those of us

Nick Moss Wins Again With 'Time Ain't Free'

Nick Moss has never been better and that is great news for us...
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Nick Moss has done it again on Time Ain't Free. What's that, you ask? He's been clearing the bar he set with his previous album each time he releases one. I didn't think he could top Play It 'Til Tomorrow until I heard Privileged and there was no way he was going to top that but Here I Am indeed upped the ante. Nick Moss is playing no-limit poker while everyone else is playing nickel slots because he's gone "all in" with Time Ain't Free and everyone comes out a winner. The "all in" mentality manifests itself in numerous ways,

Nick Moss Launches Kickstarter Campaign For 'Time Ain't Free', Due Spring 2014

Nick Moss turns to fans for help to launch 10th record 'Time Ain't Free'
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Nick Moss launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for his 10th CD Time Ain't Free, slated for a spring 2014 release. The Time Ain't Free campaign includes 14 different pledge points with a bevy of premium goodies in addition to the record itself, which is the follow up to Moss' 2011 outing Here I Am. Here I Am was the first to feature guitarist/vocalist Michael Ledbetter. Moss and Ledbetter filmed a video discussing Led's increasing role in the band, the recording of Time Ain't Free, their excitement at bringing fans into the process of releasing the new album,

Nick Moss Offers Free Download Of "Was I Ever Heard" From Forthcoming Album

Moss gearing up for 8th studio record...
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Nick Moss and his band have been hard at work touring the west coast and recording material for a brand new studio album. The details of the forthcoming record haven't been finalized but they've been playing the new songs on the road and are giving fans a chance to download "Was I Ever Heard" for free. You can stream it and access the download below. The new album will be Moss' eighth studio record (along with Live At Chan's and Live At Chan's Vol 2, the second volume featuring National Treasure Lurrie Bell) and will follow his most successful albums

Nick Moss Band Torches Callahan's With Killer Cover Of Otis Rush's "Right Place, Wrong Time"

Nick Moss and Michael Ledbetter prove up to the task of covering one of Otis Rush's best...
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Historians will one day ask what my favorite blues album of all time is and when they do, kindly direct them to this post because the answer is Right Place, Wrong Time by Otis Rush. Nick Moss is one of my favorite blues artists and guitarists and he and his amazing band took on the title track from that classic album at their recent appearance at Callahan's. Moss' rhythm guitarist Michael Ledbetter takes lead vocals on the track and gives such a soulful performance on this amazing song. Moss is at the peak of his game with his blazing lead

Blues Masters Ronnie Earl, Nick Moss Gather For Late Night Jam (Video)

See two of the best in the business unite for a special performance...
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There can be too much of a good thing in life but not when you're talking about putting guitars in the hands of Ronnie Earl and Nick Moss and putting them both on a stage together. Earl and Moss are two of the most distinguished guitarists alive and I believe it's that common heritage that allows to giants of the genre and masters of the instrument to play so beautifully together. They both backed giants of the genre in their younger days and now have fantastic solo careers. Earl and Moss are each fully capable of blowing any hundred guitarists

Gary Clark Jr, Nick Moss Join Magness, Nemeth, Tedeschi Trucks Band Among 34th Blues Music Award Nominees

Legends, fresh faces, and favorites among the nominated (as well as the snubs)...
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Nominees for the 34th Blues Music Awards have been announced and once again Janiva Magness is out front along with John Nemeth when it comes to most nominations and Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are once again well represented as they have been the past two years. I'm mostly pleased with the nominees and will enjoy voting for some great artists and records and will struggle to choose among them in some categories. I'm also annoyed past the point of outrage some deserving artists and their albums aren't on the ballot enough or at all. I didn't have the opportunity

Music Monday Really Randoms: U2, Nick Moss, The Baseball Project, Ben Folds 5

You buy the ticket, you take the ride...
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I don't have a lot of trouble deciding what to listen to most days. I constantly have a song or song fragment in my head and I'm usually behind on music reviews, so I often have a starting place when my day begins and I follow it all to its logical conclusion. It's not like that every day and that's when Encyclopedia Nerdicus is overwhelmed by the more than 30,000 songs on his iPod and the desire to acquire at least that many more. Where do you begin? Where do you start when you want to listen to everything and

Nick Moss Stirs Up 'Late Night' Magic On Don Odell's Legends (Video)

A Flip Top classic gets an extended workout...
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"Late Night Saint" is one of my favorite Nick Moss songs, recorded with one of his classic Flip Tops lineups -- featuring Gerry Hundt, Willie Oshawny, and the late Bob Carter -- for the Play It 'Til Tomorrow album. Eddie Taylor Jr. guested on the cut, providing rhythm guitar, something that great Flip Tops lineup didn't have when they traveled. I always chalked that up as one of the reasons I never got to hear this one live when seeing the band. Welcome to 2012 and the new lineup of Moss' backing band, featuring Michael Ledbetter on second guitar and

Nick Moss Announces US, European Headlining And Festival Tour Dates

Award-winning Chicago blues master will be on the road all summer and well into the autumn...
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Nick Moss has announced a major run of dates to extend his Here I Am World Tour late into the fall of this year. If you've never seen them live, now is your chance. He recently announced a run of West Coast headlining dates and he's extended that run through California and Nevada but he'll now make stops through Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. In addition to the headlining dates, he and his band -- Travis Reed (keyboard), Michael Ledbetter (guitar, backing vocals), Matthew Wilson (bass), Patrick Seals (drums) -- will be playing a number of US and European blues

Janiva Magness Tops Weekly Blues Radio Charts, Nick Moss Re-enters Top 20

Top 20 Albums at Blues Radio for the Week of March 30
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I don't know how long it's been since we checked in at Blues Radio and looked at which albums were leading the way having run a double secret errand this week reminded me of this dormant column and got me in the mood to revisit it. The latest from Janiva Magness, Stronger For It, is topping charts this week with Joan Osbourne's Bring It On Home following her. If you're curious, yes, this is the same Joan Osbourne who had a huge hit in the '90s with "One Of Us." I wasn't a huge fan of that song but she's

Nick Moss Announces April West Coast Tour

Viva Las Vegas, baby!
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Our pal Nick Moss is gearing up for another full spring and summer of touring, heading back to the West Coast for another run of dates including a long overdue stop in Las Vegas. BlindedBySound actually has a Vegas blues correspondent, making arrangements to be at Boulder Station Hotel & Casino on April 21 for that special show. Moss and his band have been touring heavily to promote the acclaimed Here I Am release from last fall. He'll kick things off from his home base of Chicago, playing Rosa's Lounge. Rosa's is one of the remaining blues joints that played host
I never get tired of saying this: what a great year for music! It's not a sentiment you'll hear many places these days as powerful media outlets champion the uninspiring and the too cool crowd sits at a table looking for an excuse to turn a deaf ear to anything and everything. I'm no longer encumbered by the pointless, fruitless pursuit of cool and can immerse myself in and gush about music ceaselessly and with alacrity. 2011 was a balanced musical meal. I made fabulous new discoveries, reveled in the continued excellence of artists who have become a staple of

Nick Moss - "Kind Of Ghetto" - Live on Don Odells 'Legends' (Video)

A Nick Moss live jam...
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I have the cure for your Monday blues, kids. We have fresh new video from Nick Moss & The Flip Tops from a recent appearance. My day just got better and now so can yours! It's been a big year for Moss, having toured the US and Europe while finishing and releasing his ninth (and quite possibly finest) album Here I Am last month. Here I Am captured some of Moss' most stunning lead work to date. Song times are extended, jamming is plentiful, and styles and textures of the music are changed and through it all, He lays down

Nick Moss At Absolute Best On 'Here I Am,' Among Best Albums Of 2011

Moss has outdone himself again...
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Nick Moss made a decision on his previous record Privileged to open his sound beyond Traditional Chicago blues, the hallmark of his career through seven records that made him one of the most popular figures on the current blues scene. He knows that sound, having learned from and worked with the greats like Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and Jimmy Rogers, both of whom were great artists in their own right and also tie into the tree of the immortal Muddy Waters. It's a sound and style he knows and one that comes from his heart. It's always a risk to change something

Nick Moss, KABB, James Durbin, Daughtry, Chris Cornell Beat Black Friday Deadline With New CDs

Labels rush one more pile of music onto store shelves before the Christmas shopping season officially begins...
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It's the Tuesday before Black Friday and we've got some big names and great albums with new music out this week. We'll begin with the great albums before discussing the big names. I've been looking forward to this day for months because two of this year's best are finally getting their full-scale release to the world. I've been listening to Nick Moss' Here I Am and Kilborn Alley Blues Band's Four for weeks now. Both Moss and Kilborn have been damn good for a damn long time so it's difficult to say they've reached new heights and done their best

Nick Moss Previews New Material in Daytona, FL; 'Here I Am' Out Nov. 22 (Video)

Moss road tests "Why You So Mean?" from upcoming record...
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I've tried to do my part to alert you all to the coming of Nick Moss' new album Here I Am, talking about the album artwork, tracklisting, the origins of the first single "It'll Turn Around," and streaming that and the follow-on single "Candy Nation." With all that talk, there are still SO MANY THINGS you need to know about this record and it comes out next week! We've got a lot of catching up to do, and we'll begin the process by introducing you to another song from the record, live! The first track from the album is the

Nick Moss Releases "Candy Nation," 2nd Single From Nov. 22 CD 'Here I Am'

Designer drugs are the new designer jeans...
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Nick Moss has released "Candy Nation" as the second single from his upcoming record Here I Am, due Nov. 22 and you can stream it here on Blinded By Sound via ReverbNation. Both singles from Here I Am find Moss observing life in 21st century America but where the hit first single "It'll Turn Around" was an anthemic message of hope in troubled times, "Candy Nation" has a different flavor altogether. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards observed America's culture of consumerism in 1965 on the iconic "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," with Jagger noting people were paying attention to the

Nick Moss 'Here I Am' Due Nov. 22; Announces 2nd Single, Tracklisting, And Artwork

Award-winner Nick Moss readies 9th album for fall release and jamband fans and guitar heads are in for a huge treat...
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Nick Moss will release his ninth album Here I Am on November 22 through his Blue Bella Records label and has announced the full tracklisting for the set and released artwork for the new album. Moss’ last album, Privileged, was the most commercially and critically successful of his career and yet was a marked departure from the string of great traditional Chicago blues records he recorded with his band, The Flip Tops. Here I Am starts where Privileged left off and goes even further in terms of arrangement, sound, and style. The new set features 11 tracks: 10 new

Nick Moss Streams "It'll Turn Around," First Single From 'Here I Am' Due Nov. 22

Award-winning bluesman readies 9th album...
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Nick Moss is streaming "It'll Turn Around," the first single from his upcoming album Here I Am, now due in stores November 22. It's been brutal containing my excitement about this record, having heard it in its entirety already. As hard as I try to take you, dear readers, inside the music there are some things you have to hear to believe and this is one of them. It also gets a little wearying for us all for me to prattle on about a record you won't have access to for months on end. The wait is coming to an