Track-By-Track Breakdown of Chickenfoot 'III'

The modern super group returns with it's sophomore release.
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Chickenfoot IIIChickenfoot blasted their way on to the music scene with their first album in 2009. The super group contained one half of Van Hagar in Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony teaming up with guitar god Joe Satriani and Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Nobody knew what to expect, and the band seemed like a fun side project for all involved. So here we are two years later and we have a second album from them in the form of Chickenfoot III. Following the lead of another super group, The Traveling Willburys, Chickenfoot skipped over the "II" in the album sequence. Sammy has hyped this album as some of the best stuff he has ever been part of creating, so does it live up to that hype?

"Last Temptation" kicks off the album and the first thing I notice is a different, grittier sound coming from Joe's guitar. It’s dirty, and I am digging it. The song itself is a nice way to start the album.

"Alright" is up next. The opening words are "I don't want to taste your taste in my mouth" and I am immediately thinking we have another sex-laden Sammy song, but it isn't actually the case. In fact, this song is terrible from the start and it is supposed to be a rah-rah ass kicker. It falls way short though.

"Different Devil" slows things down into a solid groove song somewhere in between ballad and jam. I really like it.

"Up Next" is, well, up next and it has a very staccato like lick behind it. Satriani shines on this song by taking that lick and moving it around the fret board to give it a nice sound. Satch really lights up the solo on this one too. “Up Next” is another solid song.

"Lighten Up" is a strong song both lyrically and musically. It’s probably the most complete song musically on the album to this point. Up to this point the songs have a very four person feel. This song showcases the multiple guitar parts that really make it sound full. Michael Anthony's backing vocals get a good workout in this one too. Is there a better backing vocalist in the business?

Time to slow things down with "Come Closer" as Sammy delivers a beautifully soulful vocal on this one. Michael Anthony shows that he can actually play a bass beyond playing the same note in staccato fashion. It's nice to focus on someone other than Satch and Sammy here. “Come Closer” is definitely a highlight of the album.

"Three And A Half Letters" is a direct assault on economic conditions facing the United States right now. It comes in the form of Sammy reading parts of some letters that we must assume he has received from fans talking about how they can't find work. The song itself leaves a bit to be desired, but the content is powerful.

"Big Foot" is the lead single from the album. I love this riff and can totally see why they chose it as the lead single from the album. I found myself totally jamming out to this in my cubical this morning, feet stomping and head bobbing. Lyrically we get a kind of follow up to the classic Sammy tune, "I Can't Drive 55" as he sings about how he enjoys, well, driving here. This is another highlight from the album.

"Dubai Blues" is more of a rocking song than a blues song. It’s fun and has a nice guitar riff. I enjoy this one as well.

The album closes down with "Something Gone Wrong." The song has a Western feel in the style of Jon Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory." It's a nice change of pace, and I really enjoy this song a lot. This is a great way to close down a solid second effort from Chickenfoot.