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Gregg Allman Plays NY Benefit To Fight Liver Disease

Southern Rocker Gives Back.
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“The Allman Brothers will be part of a benefit concert.” Now, would that statement ordinarily cause a lot of excitement for me? Honestly, no. Not that I don’t enjoy some of their great classics: "Midnight Rider," "Rambling Man," "Whipping Post," "Melissa"… but I would never consider myself a big follower of their music. Which is fine, C’est la vie and all that. But when I learn that this concert is being put on in coordination with the American Liver Foundation, I’m all ears. I’d say, “I’m all liver”, but that’s just a bit too awkward. Tune In to Hep C

Review: Dropkick Murphys - Going Out In Style

DKM have written a grand concept album built on the themes that have always been part of their work...
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This latest outing for the Dropkick Murphys is the grandest of concept albums. Going Out In Style tells the story of one Cornelius Larkin, a 73-year old, newly deceased gent who immigrated to the States when he was a teenager. The character of Cornelius is a fictional one, as are some of the stories told on GOIS. But according to bassist Ken Casey, the songs “are odes to our grandparents, friends, and loved ones.” The story begins with young Connie’s departure from Cobh Harbor, a spot famous for the millions who emigrated from Ireland to the Americas. As a young