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Top 5 Madonna Songs On 55th Birthday

A Top 5 list to honor Madonna on her 55th birthday...
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Madonna strikes me as a cold, dour bird - someone who takes herself much too seriously and never appears to genuinely enjoy anything. At the beginning of her career, this wasn't really an issue. Never more than an average singer or dancer, her gimmick was her originality and genuine lack of concern about what others thought. She did, said, sang and wore what she wanted and as a result launched multiple trends, becoming a true cultural icon of the '80s and early '90s. Her music was fun, if she wasn't, and she was at least interesting. But the years have

Top 5 Songs From The Divine Comedy

Narrowing The Divine Comedy's best to 5 songs is nearly impossible, but here it is...
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Trying to pick your favorite song by The Divine Comedy is like asking Mama Kardashian to choose her most pointless child to whore out: there's just an embarrassment of riches to select from. Chances are you're not familiar with The Divine Comedy and the brilliance of the man behind the band, Neil Hannon. Sadly, I don't share the talent of the other contributors here for writing beautiful sentences that convey through mere words the often immense feelings and vibrant imagery that music can summon. Nor do I have the technical expertise to describe their sound. So forgive me as I

Morrissey Goes To The Movies, To Release Concert Film '25 Live'

Morrissey's troubled tour gets captured on his first concert film in 10 years...
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Gird your loins, Morrissey fans: The Pope of Mope has announced the release of Morrissey: 25 Live, his first concert film in almost a decade. The film will be released both on DVD and in cinemas worldwide in August and, according to fansite (and unofficial official Morrissey site) True To You, marks 25 years since the release of his debut solo single "Suedehead." Morrissey: 25 Live will feature his performance at Hollywood High School, which took place back in March of this year shortly before the remainder of his US tour dates were called off due to numerous health issues.

The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself" A One-Hit, One-Hand Wonder

So, in tribute to a great singer and a great song, let's all take moment to touch ourselves, both for our health and a little bit of cheeky self-entertainment.
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While there's nothing like immersing yourself in an album full of fantastic tracks by a much-loved artist or band, there's also nothing like the giddy thrill of hearing that one-hit wonder from years ago as you're flipping around the dial. The sad news of the recent death of Chrissy Amphlett brought back memories of one of the most remarkable of the latter. The year was 1990 and the song was 'I Touch Myself' by The Divinyls. While Madonna was touring the world on her Blonde Ambition tour, singing about being spanked ("Hanky Panky") and flaunting her wizard's-sleeve-vagina at every opportunity,

Tan Mom Fries Your Eyes

Could this be the worst song ever? Is it even really a song?
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If you've noticed an increase in occurrences of hysterical blindness amongst your friends and family this week, it could be down to the release of the worst visual thing ever in the history of the universe - a music video from Patricia Krentcil, a.k.a Tan Mom. In the event you've wisely suppressed your Tan Mom memories, she's the woman who hit the news last year for sneaking her five-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. You may recall her photos, in which she closely resembled mummified bacon, and her interviews which left no doubt she was probably baffled by pop-top soda
In 1996, at an age when no one should be making life-changing decisions, I packed my bags and moved from the USA to the UK. It had been a longtime dream to live there and surprisingly easy to trick a Brit into marrying me. Thus it was so, until 2011 when I returned to the states. My obsession with the land of tea bags and dysfunctional royalty began in the 1980s with the arrival on our fair shores of their New Romantics. Posters of Duran Duran, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet and ABC served as bedroom wallpaper and from there it
The publisher of this site and I have often fallen out over our differing tastes in music. He is an Encyclopedia Nerdicus on the matter, frequently quoting obscure lyrics in casual conversation and espousing new musical talent almost before the artist in question has left the maternal womb. I ceased updating my music knowledge before the turn of the last century. I know what I like and what I like most is from the '80s and '90s. I'm still enjoying that music, so I feel no need to go acquaint myself with the Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers of the